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Raw Shells - Every women want to have a wearable arts handmade raw shells jewelries on special occasion because of its natural and beautiful look. If you’re going to wear a glittering outfit, your jewelry should also have a sparkly look. Though many trends may come and go, but don’t be surprised if you spot a fashionable raw shell styles that have been carried over a long time. Introducing fashion raw shell jewelries like Bangles,Bracelets,Brooches, Buttons, Chokers,Earrings,Pendants,Hairclips,Heishe,Necklaces,PonyTails,Puka,Components,Belts,TattooNylon,Rings, Kukui, made from the indigenous Philippine shells this includes puka shells, colorful wood beads, pendants, coco indian sticks, heishie shells, raw shells, shells cut and etc.

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The chandeliers, lamps, curtains and windchimes can also be use in the hotel, resorts lobby decoration, interior design wall decor of the hotels, condominiums, residences, buildings and offices. We make your home more complete, relaxing and more refreshing looking because it's made from natural resources. Capiz made curtain very affordable and available in any colors and shapes as you wish for your design.Precision shells cut is one of the leading Philippines online shell jewelry wholesale and manufacture for export worldwide.

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The main shell supplier in Cebu Philippines for fashion shell accessories, fashion shell jewelry like shell necklace, shell bracelets, shell bangles, shell earrings, shell rings and many more. Precision shell cut is the most affordable and very economical for all Philippine shell jewelry products and all Capiz shell handmade products. Most of our clients really want our products not for the cheap products but for the export high end quality and fast on time shipping order.Adorn your body with our inlaid collection fashion shell jewelries.

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Don’t hesitate to buy our product and at the same time be updated about fashion accessories trends. Precision shells cut accessories products this includes bags, baskets, surfboards, trays, footwear, woodcraft,wovenmattings,bangles,bracelets, brooches, buttons, chokers, earrings, pendants, hairclips, heishe, necklaces, pony tails, puka, components, belts,tattoo nylon, rings,kukui, made from the indigenous Philippine shells this includes puka shells, colorful wood beads, pendants, coco indian sticks, heishie shells, raw shells, shells cut and etc. We design and manufacture quality custom made fashion jewelry products and accessories for you daily fashion needs. 

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Precision Shells Cut Products Gift Items -Precision Shells Cut composed of many designs perfect for souvenir to our love one’s. And also, we offer perfect gift items like surfboards, phone cradles, brooches, key chains, wooden animals, jewelry boxes, miniatures, hand wood carving, wood handicraft, wood carving decoration, ethnic product decoration and more. All of these are originally made from natural sea shell and wood components

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